May 14, 2012

It's No Secret That ...

I admit it, I watch way too much TV.  I have a tendency to get really wrapped up in a show and sometimes have marathons where I watch a season in a day or two.  Might not be healthy - but I love it.

So come this time of year, I start to get nervous.  See, this is when the networks make their final decisions of which shows get renewed and which shows get axed.  Sad to say, this year a few of my favorites have been CANCELLED!!! I will be shedding tears for you "The Finder" and my daughter will certainly be missing you Horatio (CSI Miami).  In case you are interested, here is a list of shows by network:


• "The Bachelor": Renewed

• "The Bachelorette": Renewed

• "Body of Proof": Renewed

• "Castle": Renewed

• "Cougar Town": Renewed and headed to TBS

• "Dancing With the Stars": Renewed

• "Desperate Housewives": Series finale aired this past Sunday

• "GCB": Canceled

• "Grey's Anatomy": Renewed

• "Happy Endings": Renewed

• "Last Man Standing": Renewed

• "Man Up": Canceled

• "The Middle": Renewed

• "Missing": Canceled

• "Modern Family": Renewed

• "Once Upon a Time": Renewed

• "Pan Am": Canceled

• "Private Practice": Renewed

• "Revenge": Renewed

• "The River": Canceled

• "Suburgatory": Renewed

• "Work It": Canceled


• "2 Broke Girls": Renewed

• "The Amazing Race": Renewed

• "The Big Bang Theory": Renewed

• "Blue Bloods": Renewed

• "Criminal Minds": Renewed

• "CSI": Renewed

• "CSI: Miami": Canceled

• "CSI: NY": Renewed

• "A Gifted Man": Canceled

• "The Good Wife": Renewed

• "Hawaii Five-0": Renewed

• "How I Met Your Mother": Renewed

• "How to Be a Gentleman": Canceled

• "The Mentalist": Renewed

• "Mike & Molly": Renewed NCIS: Renewed

• "NCIS: Los Angeles": Renewed

• "Person of Interest": Renewed

• "Rob": Canceled

• "Rules of Engagement": TBD

• "Survivor": Renewed

• "Two and a Half Men": Renewed

• "Undercover Boss": Renewed

• "Unforgettable": Canceled


• "Alcatraz": Canceled

• "American Idol": Renewed

• "Bones": Renewed

• "Breaking In": Canceled

• "Family Guy": Renewed

• "The Finder": Canceled

• "Fringe": Renewed

• "Glee": Renewed

• "House": Series finale airs May 21

• "I Hate My Teenage Daughter": Canceled

• "New Girl": Renewed

• "Raising Hope" Renewed

• "The Simpsons": Renewed

• "Terra Nova": Canceled

• "Touch": Renewed

• "The X Factor": Renewed


• "30 Rock": Renewed

• "Are You There, Chelsea?": Canceled

• "Awake": Canceled

• "Bent": Canceled

• "Best Friends Forever": Canceled

• "The Biggest Loser": TBD

• "Celebrity Apprentice": TBD

• "Community": Renewed

• "Grimm": Renewed

• "Harry's Law": Canceled

• "Law & Order: SVU": Renewed

• "The Office": TBD

• "Parenthood": Renewed

• "Parks and Recreation": Renewed

• "Smash": Renewed

• "The Firm": Canceled

• "Up All Night": Renewed

• "The Voice": Renewed

• "Whitney": Renewed


• "90210": Renewed

• "America's Next Top Model": Renewed

• "Gossip Girl": Renewed

• "Hart of Dixie": Renewed

• "Nikita": Renewed

• "Remodeled": Canceled

• "Ringer": Canceled

• "The Secret Circle": Canceled

• "Supernatural": Renewed

• "The Vampire Diaries": Renewed

Happy to say that most of my must-see shows are returning.  I really am not surprised by many on the canceled list. 
Did any of your favorites get canceled?  Any get renewed that you think should have gotten canceled?


Faith said...

I have watched a season in a day too!! Sometimes it is just so good to peel away!

I was surprised to see that Pan Am was cancelled.

Angie said...

GCB is being cancelled :(

Laura said...

Ugh! GCB cancelled? Say it isnt so! I will miss Pan Am too. I loved the outfits!

Jessica said...

We like Once Upon a Time! : )

Sarah said...

:( i love GCB!!!!