November 4, 2011

Ready for the Weekend!

Tonight I will be celebrating with one of my bffs for her 30th birthday.  It's about time she reach "adulthood"!

Jenny, Jenny I hope you have a wonderful birthday tonight.  I hope you drink as many Lemon Drop shots as you can stand (without puking).  I hope you get lots and lots presents. I hope you know we love you :)

We will be doing our partying at Hermanns Olde Towne Grille in Plymouth, MI.  I will be sharing these:

"Mooseballs" - Bite sized beef and bleu cheese mooseballs in a port wine au jus.


Margheritta Pizza - Roma tomatoes, pesto, fresh mozzerella, pepperoni, olice oil, & garlic on our char grilled crust.

with this terrific guy:

Looking  forward to a great night with great friends.

Going to EAT TODAY - Exercise tomorrow :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


GTuck said...

I made the blog!!

melvin said...

Hello, have a great day.