November 27, 2011

Might Be A New Record

On top of all the shopping and eating I did over the long 4-day weekend, I also managed to set a new record for me - I went to 3 movies in 1 day!

Yeah - you might be wondering how one would accomplish such a feat.  Let me tell you - it wasn't that hard.

The day was Saturday, and the first movie I attended was:

I absolutely adored this movie.  I loved the way my kids (and nieces and nephew) responded to this movie.  They were so connected to the characters and asked many questions afterwards.  Our teetering non-believers are almost convinced that Santa is real ;O)  

I'd give this a Too Die For rating.  With or without kids - it's a MUST see.

Second movie on my list was:

Although this movie is remake of the 1984 classic - I felt that the movie was a little more than a complete redo.  There were some interesting changes, but the main story was obviously the same.  It was weird seeing Julianne Hough in the role of Ariel.  Her sweet, wholesome image just couldn't let me believe she was a "bad girl".  She can dance - but she just doesn't have the hard-edge that I expected from Ariel.

Overall, I though the movie was Good.  It was worth the $3.50 at the Farmington Civic Theater.

Since the timing worked out, Jenny Jenny and I stayed for the late showing of my third and final movie of the day:

This movie scared me to death!!!  All I can say is I have never been so aware of people coughing, sneezing, blowing their noses, etc.  The idea that one person can spread a disease so quickly puts some fear in me.  What I walked away with from this movie is I am gonna be a crazy hand-washer and will always be carrying hand sanitizer.   There were a few scenes that just made me say ewwwww too.  This was not a feel-good movie, but hey, at least Matt Damon didn't die :)  Also, how come I never noticed Jude Law has some crazy snaggletooth? I guess he had a fake tooth added for the movie role.  Thank goodness! It was so distracting to me, I had trouble concentrating on anything else when he was on screen!

I give this a Very Good rating.  Germaphobes will go insane after watching this one.

So there was about 6 hours of my Saturday. I only had popcorn at one of the shows though.  I tried to be good :)  How many movies have you sat through in one day?  How many would you want to sit through?  

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