March 1, 2013

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

Welcome March!!! Hopefully you are bringing me warmer weather.  This week has been mostly work, kids and exercise.  Certainly not complaining.  Three things that keep me busy and happy.

This week I sported two different manis:

I thought my animal stamps were just the right amount of fun to spice up a pretty pink girly color.  I loved it and hated to see it go.  But Jenny Jenny went shopping this week and picked me up a new pretty color:

This is called "Jade Is The New Black" and they ain't kidding.  This color really pops and I love it.  I have seen some many fashion blogs/magazine predicting emerald green as the up and coming color to wear and I won't be upset if it is.  This color is going to be a favorite of mine for sure.

What do you think of the "new black"? 

Now on to some randomness:

  • I haven't done much blogging the last two weeks.  Just not "feeling it" I guess.  Sometimes I just run out of hours in the day.
  • Some good things this week:

  1. Coming home and seeing that one of my AWESOME neighbors took care of clearing my drive and walkway.  This MADE my week. 
  2. I amazed myself by cooking my own salmon dinner! I have never attempted to cook fish and with a little direction, I whipped it up in no time.  I sauteed some zucchini and squash and called it a feast.  It was a little on the fishy side, so it wasn't amazing, but I was proud nonetheless.
  3. Nothing makes me happier then when I'm cuddling with my little man and I can feel his breathing change over to his "sleep mode".  He didn't want to admit it, but he couldn't keep his eyes open.
  4. I picked up these chips on a Target run.  I'm saving them for the bingo bus in a couple of weeks and by then I hope to pick up bags of the Chicken and Waffle and Cheesy Garlic Bread ones too.   
  • I've mentioned this before, every time it's time for a haircut, my hair starts cooperating with me and turns out awesome.  A few times this week I've had very good hair days.  Oh well, I'm still making Jenny Jenny cut/color it this weekend.

  • My sister took a trip to Florida a week or so ago and if that wasn't enough to make me jealous, she came home sporting some new bling.  Is it not the cutest ring ever?

  • There are times when I realize my kids take after me more than I think.  Case in point, this week Ashley was "dancing" at grandma's house when she slipped and fell and sprained her wrist.  I cannot tell you how many times I slipped and fell growing up, but instead of wrist injuries, I would get sprained ankles.  We are not the most graceful of ladies.  She's tried to milk it out this week, luckily it's her left arm, so it's not too bad.
  • A few of my girlfriends and I started a book club.  We are the Bad Book Bitches Book Club.  We met last week for the first time to review our first book, Rule.  We are now reading Safe Haven (which I've already seen the movie since Josh Duhamel is in it) and so far am enjoying it and noting the differences between the book and movie.  Has anyone read and seen the movie? Which is better?
  • Melanie is having a blogaversery tomorrow and is giving away some of her favorite things.  You should go here and enter.  I would love to win that awesome clutch!
  • This week I had a major meltdown over our weight loss competition.  I came in last place this past week, losing only .2 pounds.  I was sooooooooo mad.  GTuck told me to get the My Fitness Pal app so I could track my eating this week.  I inputted the required info and was disappointed to see I should only be eating 1200 calories a day to lose 1.5 lbs. a week.  After reviewing my eating habits, I now have come to the conclusion that I must eliminate my "treat" of sunflower butter from my diet.  It tastes like a dessert, and I guess it really is.  Just a little will add almost 200 calories - and by cutting that out, I will hit my calorie goals daily.  However, if I don't see a big improvement this Sunday at weigh-in, I will be eating it straight out of the jar by the end of the day.
And on that note cheers to the weekend!  Peace out! 



Nicole said...

ok how in the heck did you do your nails like that? what are nail stamps?

jennie said...

(a) LOVE your animal print mani!!
(b) That was really nice of your neighbour.
(c) I'm OBSESSED with your turtle ring.

Crystal said...

Love both of those colors! The animal print looks great with that shade of pink. The turtle ring is cuuuute!

the style soup said...

I am obsessed with that green! It's so hard to find a good green, but that's definitely one of them

Julie said...

Love your name stamping! Both manicures are awesome though!

hollybeary creations said...

I love both of these, the Animal print is so cute! isn't JITNB the coolest Emerald ever! I love it too. Looks really pretty with gold glitter on it too. And Hello how cute is that ring your sister has?

Natalie said...

I love the animal print nails! I need to learn how to do that!

Angie said...

I love the animal print nails! Absolutely adorable :)

Good luck on your weight loss this week. I have never been able to diet. I just LOVE food too much!!!

tara said...

LOVE the animal print!!!

Ashley said...

girl, LOVE those green nails!!

and i have never cooked fish either...well i mean other than fish sticks. i want to try though. i hear it's easy....but then again, nothing in the kitchen is exactly easy to me.

Janie said...

Both of those manis are so cute! So so cute! love the colors :)