July 3, 2012

Oh What Fun!

Lately life has been pretty busy. Busy but fun.  In case you are following along, here’s a small recap.

On Friday, I (along with a boat load of my friends) headed to the Toby Keith concert at DTE.  We had a crazy good time - some more than others….

Toby 1

Toby 2

After recouping from all of the fun from Friday, on Saturday I did what every other woman in the world did, I went to see:

Magic mike

I’ve ready quite a few reviews and my two cents is:

  • I laughed a lot – I mean they are cheese ball strippers – that shizz is funny
  • It had a much DARKER storyline than I anticipated
  • It was much LESS a love story than I wanted it to be
  • It didn’t have enough stripping scenes – LOL

On Sunday, we took the kids to see:


Obviously PIXAR does great animation (and 3D too) and they did not disappoint with Brave.  The storyline was totally unexpected, but I ended up liking it a lot.  The kids thought it was pretty cool too.  It is a great family movie – tear jerker, lessons learned, etc.

On Monday I received an email that our local AMC was having an early release of:


Of course Ashley was “just dying” to see it, so I ordered tickets for her, my niece and me.  I can’t say that I am a huge fan of Katy’s, but after seeing the movie, I do have a new respect for her.  She writes her own music and lyrics (which I find amazing), she had several recording contracts before she actually “made it” and she keeps a close knit group of friends/family around her.  I actually think she sounded better in the movie than on any radio song I’ve heard.  Of course there were moments that made me cry too (damn hormone pills).  Ashley was cracking up because I was crying within the first 5 minutes of the movie, and that was just from random fan interviews.  I’m crazy.  The girls loved it and I actually loved it too. 

Part of the “perk” of seeing the movie early was you get a Limited Edition pair of 3D Katy Perry glasses and a poster.  The girls thought they were so cool in their pink and blue glasses.  They were just too cute!  Of course I loved them too – they are pink after all.


Tonight the plan is to see my fourth movie in four days:

tedThis looks hilarious.  It better not disappoint!  

Of course later this week I will be seeing:

spiderman movie

Do you have any plans to see any movies this week?  Are you looking forward to any upcoming movies?


Unknown said...

I totally agree with all of your comments on Magic Mike, much darker then we expected.

We saw Ted this weekend too. It disappointed me a lot, but I think I was distracted by the two kids(under 10) that were in there with their dads, I was shocked.

Cindy said...

Wow...you are entertainment central! Still think I'm gonna take a chance with Magic Mike! ;)

Laura said...

Happy Fourth!My daughters friend was in the movie Ted. During the party scene. Thanks for the reviews I havent seen any of these movies yet.

Angie said...

See Magic Mike is on my To Do List! My 13 year old is mad because she wants to watch it and I won't let her LOL

Nicole said...

My mother-in-laws company picnic is taking them to see the new Spiderman movie and I think she's taking my hubby and me with her. Last I knew she was talking about it anyway :) I'm kind of excited!

Anonymous said...

Toby Keith at DTE...The ABSOLUTE best concert venue. I saw him last year and Eric Church was awesome. If I would've went this year it would've been for Brantley Gilbert!

He sure knows how to pick opening acts!