April 26, 2013

Spring Sweets Blog Swap Reveal

I was excited to participate in the Spring Sweets Blog Swap again this year.  Casey assigned swap partners, and I began stalking Libby's blog.  This lucky newlywed is living in southern Florida (so jealous!) and blogs about her life and her amazing family. 

After a few emails back and forth, I got my package assembled and shipped out to sunny Florida!  I, in return, received my package from Libby.  To say she was generous would be an understatement.  Libby picked items out that were absolutely perfect for me.  I was overwhelmed.  It was better than Christmas morning!!!

Check it out for yourself.

So many things to unwrap!!

Postcards from Florida hot spots!!

She used the postcards as my letter (what a AWESOME idea)!

EOS Lip Balm & Hand Lotion

The girl obviously knew my love of nail accessories!! Holy cow I was in HEAVEN.

She even got a toy for my Boo and paper for Ashley!! She was beyond thoughtful!

Pink Ribbons (very dear to me) and DARK Chocolate!!!!!

And my FAVORITE item ELVIS BINGO!!!! Family bingo night here we come!
I cannot find the words to express my appreciation to Libby.  I've never felt that my blog expressed the person I truly am, but honestly every item I unwrapped was an OMG moment because it felt like she knew me intimately, although we've never met.  This little 'ol blog has given me the opportunity to interact with some amazing people, and Libby is for sure one of them!



Faith said...

wow, she went all out! love the stuff you got! and the nail stuff ... so perfect for you!

Unknown said...

You're the sweetest Heather!
So happy you liked all your goodies! I had so much fun putting everything together. It's been great getting to know you, feels like we've been friends for an eternity! xo

Shellsea said...

That is an amazing care package! I love the post card idea and Eos lip balm is the best!