November 29, 2012

Where Do You Draw The Line?

Now don't get me wrong, I am no Scrooge, but when Christmas rolls around, I start to feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of people in our lives that I end up buying presents for.

Now of course, my kids and family are at the top, and I absolutely LOVE buying them presents.  I love seeing my kids wake up early on Christmas morning, and the excitement in their eyes when they spy their presents underneath the tree.  I live for moments like that.  The fact that they still believe only makes our morning more special (although I THINK Ashley has finally figured it out - but will continue to fake it to make me happy).

I'm talking about those "extra" people in your lives.  People that definitely make a difference in your world, but people that you may not know too well.  People like the teachers at school.  People that work with you at your office.  People like your mail person or paper person.  Your hairdresser.  I mean the list goes on and on.

In the past, I have always bought presents for all of Ashley & Colton's teachers.  This normally turns out to be about 4-5 teachers EACH kid.  They each have a "main" teacher.  Colton has a reading teacher, speech teacher and art/music/gym teachers.  Ashley has a second "main" teacher, as well as art/gym teachers.  Although I have met most of the teachers, I really do not "know" them, and find buying gifts for them extremely hard.  I mean how many coffee cups, bottles of lotions, etc., can one person need?  I have broken down and bought gift cards, but I hate the idea of putting an actual price on a gift.  I just think it's so impersonal and actually puts pressure on me to give "enough".  

So my question to you is, where do you draw the line?  Do you buy for teachers, co-workers, hairdressers, mail person, etc.?  If you do buy for the teacher's what type of presents do you give?  I really want to get a head-start on my shopping, as I am normally scrambling the day before school breaks for the holiday for gifts!!   So help this GurleeGirrl out.



Nicole said...

in grade school my parents always bought for my main teacher but that was it. not the music teach, gym teacher, etc. And truthfully I think that's how all the kids did it back in the day :)

Faith said...

Buy only for the main teacher. At least that is what my parents did.

As for me, I only buy for my family and family through marriage. Friends, etc do not get gifts. And I try not to feel bad about it because if I bought for every friend i would be broke for a year. Not happening.

Sarah said...

love the new blog layout!! i totally agree on the coffee cups & lotion. i'm a youth director (kind of a teacher) and i think i got lotion from 6 families last year! my favorite gift was some homemade caramel corn with a pampered chef spatula & the recipe for making the caramel corn.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your new layout!!!

It can be hard to decide. I would buy for their main teachers. Pinterest has really cute ideas for gifts-maybe something they won't normally get or those layered cookie mixes or hot chocolate mix in jars. I usually don't buy for co-workers since we usually have a gift exchange at the Christmas party.

You'll go broke if you buy for everyone :/

Tausha Wierlo said...

We have such a hard time with this every year!! We try to find out what our OVERALL Christmas budget is, then start with family and close friends - if we have $ left over, we try to spread it evenly to all the others....A lot of times, we DIY something (lots of fun cheap ideas on Pinterest) for Hot Cocoa, or Cookies in a jar....stuff like that. Lets them know you care and thought of them - but doesn't take too much $ away from your family.
TRICKY stuff!

Cody Doll said...

My mother is a mail lady and it's always sweet when someone gives us something trough the mail. They best is something homemade; cookies, brownies, ornaments, or even a sweet card. As for teachers, after elementary school the decision is should be up to the child. Until then why not give to the "favorite" a more "expensive" gift; like something she/he could use for the class. Everyone else can get a candy cane or some type of candy/snack. No reason to push it. Also, try thrifting for items. There are tons of cute, different things that could be given to anyone and it saves your budget. I think the best gift for anyone it a card with your thoughts feels. It's worth more then any present. Hope that helped some. =]


Angie said...

I have REALLY adjusted my list over the years. I used to buy for everyone and now I just buy solely for family. I don't even buy for friends anymore. As far as teachers go, I used to buy for all Anika's teachers in Elementary but once she hit Middle School, I quit buying. I mean really, I only meet them now about twice a year at conferences. I think when the little ones start school though I'm going to school supply baskets for the teachers. Why not buy things they can use such as staples, note pads, sharpies, pencils, etc. At least it would be useful. Just an idea!!!

every day is a journey said...

When I was in Elementary school My mom would make cranberry bread .It;s mighty tasty I love it. But anyways she would make little loaves and she would serande wrap it and put a bow on it and I would hand it to my teacher when we were leaving for break.