March 20, 2012

Spring Sweets Blog Swap Reveal

I was excited to participate in the Spring Sweets Blog Swap hosted by Casey of Stress Case and Shellsea of Heartfelt Happenings. First, it's a welcome to Spring and second, who doesn't love getting candy?!?!?!

I was excited when I was partnered up with one of the hosts, Casey.  She actually had 2 partners, but lucky for her, we are both named Heather!

After exchanging a few emails, we learned a little bit about each other.  Her blog totally reflects what a sweet, outgoing, funny and loving girl she is. 

When I received my package, I was happy that the kids weren't around.  They would have totally tried to steal all of it!  Here's what I got:

YES!! That's right - I scored Dark Chocolate!  A LOT OF DARK CHOCOLATE!  Two new awesome spring-colored nail polishes that Ash and I can't wait to use, and cute egg paper. 

I want to thank Casey for her thoughtful gift, and to her and Shellsea for hosting this "Sweet" swap!  Now, go and check out Casey's blog to see what I sent her.


Ginny said...

Love all your treats...YUMMY!!! Next time you need to loop me in on a blog swap...sounds fun!!

Hope all is going well your way!!

Cindy said...

How fun! Enjoy!

Angie said...

I'm so sorry I missed this swap :(
This one looked like lots of fun!

Faith said...

Loving the nail polish colors!! And you can't go wrong with chocolate!!