March 9, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

As usual, I am linking up with Vicki and Tara for this weeks:

This week Jenny Jenny let me borrow one of her colors and I love it!  It's called Meet Me On The Star Ferry by OPI.  I accented it with Luxe and Lush by China Glaze which just happens to be one of the Colours from the Capitol Collection for inspired by The Hunger Games.  This is definitely going to be a new favorite of mine.  The glitter are flecks of varying sizes and colors.  LOVE it.

Has anyone else gotten any of the Capitol Colours?  I bought a few of them.  Might have to buy some more!!  Which do you like?

And now on to some Friday randomness:
  • I found a super cheap pair of prescription sunglasses.  They cost me under $17 shipped!  I hope I like them, but for that price I couldn't pass them up.
  • VERY excited to go see super hottie Taylor Kitsch in John Carter this weekend.  Two hours of a shirtless Tim Riggens doesn't sound bad to me!

  • It's getting closer to the release of The Hunger Games movie.  CAN NOT WAIT!
  • The weatherman is reporting that we are going to hit 63 degrees this Sunday!  I will be taking full advantage of the weather by spending all day outside.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Angie said...

I plan on spending the weekend outside too. It's supposed to be really nice here as well. I'm so ready for Spring/Summer :)

Have a good one!

Unknown said...

I just got Luxe and Lush yesterday!! what do you think about stone cold I haven't tried a Matted Nail polish before

GTuck said...

Only 13 days until Hunger Games!!!

I can't wait to spend some time outside on Sunday. :)

Faith said...

Love that color on your nails!!! So excited for Hunger Games too!! Have a fabulous wknd!!!

tara said...

the capital colors are so pretty! i need to get some!

Holly said...

Ooh, I think AGRO might be my favourite colour out of those. The green is so pretty!

Janie said...

Love the Luxe and Lush!
I have that one, Riveting, Electrify, Stone Cold, Agro, Fast Track, Smoke & Ashes, and Dress Me Up - I haven't gotten to try any of them yet but I think Smoke & Ashes will be my favorite.