May 25, 2012

[Gurlee]Girrl Friday

This weeks - or shall I say the color for this weekend - is:

Essie Polish - Allure

I chose  this color for one reason - I figure with as active as I'll be this weekend camping, if I get a chip - it won't be as noticeable, therefore, it won't drive me insane the entire time!  Come Tuesday, this color is history and will probably never be seen again!

Thanks to Vicki and Tara for their awesome link-up each week - I love seeing what everyone is wearing!

Now on to some Friday randomness:

  • Like I mentioned above, I am heading out for a 4 night camping adventure!  There will be Camp Fire Cones being eaten and adult beverages being drank!
  • I'm praying the weather remains nice for the weekend.  After checking and rechecking the weather all week - it's not looking too promising.  Oh well - a little rain never hurt anyone right?
  • So I ordered a new Coach (outlet) purse this week.  After narrowing my selection down to 3 - I had to choose 1.  Once I made my decision, when I went to order it - it was Sold Out!!!! I was beyond pissed.  Later in the afternoon, while complaining on the  phone that it was sold out, I tried to add it to my cart and I was able too!! I was $2 short of free shipping so I had to look around for some "filler" items.  Luckily I found a make-up bag and some flip flops that more than pushed me over the limit...  Damn, shopping can be stressful - but no worries friends, I'm willing to deal with it!
  • My daughter is having a concert at school in 2 weeks.  They have been instructed to wear GREEN and Black.  She of course wants a green dress.  Well I have been to every online  store imaginable looking for a Kelly Green dress (Girls Size 12) and have had ZERO luck.  If anybody has any ideas, links, etc., I'd be in your debt forever.  The  girl is driving me bananas.  Oh, and let's just say making one is not even an option.  This momma is not handy with a needle and thread! SHOCKING right? 
  • And for my final though - let's not forget the reason we all get a long weekend:

    Memorial Day - U.S. holiday: a public holiday to commemorate soldiers who died in war. Last Monday in May, formerly May 30.

    Don't forget to thank and honor those who serve to protect us each and every day - as they are not getting a long 3-day weekend!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!


Debbie said...

I just had to find a green dress for my daughters 6th grade promotion and I found this one she liked.

When I lived in Florida, this was my favorite store to shop at...

Cute huh? We bought her a white little shrug to cover her shoulders - school policy.

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Love that nail polish color - Essie is the best! Have a great long weekend! :)

Nicole said...

I love that Memorial day photo/caption!

Faith said...

that is a great nude color! def. won't mind at all if that one chips.

have the best weekend!

tara said...

perfect nude color! enjoy your weekend!

Jenny said...

I'm so jealous, I want to go camping!

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Laura said...

Have a great time camping! I hope the rain holds off!

Kimberlee said...

Great thinking! Always good to go with a light nude color if you're afraid of chipping :)

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

I like the grey colored nails, and thanks for the movie recommendation for MIB I was wondering if it was any good! You have a supercute blog!

Janie said...

I have Allure too and it's one of my favorites - :)