February 13, 2007

Right Now

Right Now - I am listening to "The Set Up" by Reel Big Fish. For some reason - I really have to sing along (in my head of course!).

"Yeaaaah, Yeaaaaah, and I want you - and you want me too - and you need this - wanna give it to youooo and I thought this time I'd say something new"

If you never have heard the song - please do. You will see what I mean. It's a very catchy, stick in your head all day kind of song!

The song also triggers a memory - a weird one - one where I am alone in the back parking lot of work walking during lunch in the summer. It's hot out and I am thinking - why am I out here sweating like an idiot? Yeah - that's memorable :)

1 comment:

GTuck said...

You are too cute. :)