January 22, 2009

Thursday is Bowling Day - the BEST day of the week

Today is the first day of the new 8-week bowling session. As before, my team consists of myself (QTPA2T), Glenn (GTUCK), Crystal (CJANN) and Neil (SNEAKY).

We aren't exactly the best team out there - but I guarantee we are definately the most popular and by far having the most fun!

We decided to get cool and get kick-ass bowling shirts. Since we are the Polar Bears I found this logo and got shirts made for the team. We totally rock them.

I love not having to think about what to wear bowling now! And....I look pretty cute in it too!

So for the next 8 weeks - you know where you can find me - Merribowl.


GTuck said...

You are too cute. :) I just want to bowl as good as we can, we don't have to win every game. I don't want to bowl bad on purpose. Let's just have fun, like we always do. I want to see your name on the high score list again. Got it?

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

I want to see YOUR name on the high score list!